Long time ago i was animator between 2006 and 2010.

I stoped schools at eighteen to do short films because i was a genius to paint landscape with guach and i wanted to go in schools to learn animation because i thought at this time that the animation payed much more than just a paint a landscape, an another reality it was that my french grammar was horrible my english completly poor and i have never had the french diploma to go in shools art

Short film - Title : Bzzzzz - the life a fly

My first short film created in 2008 spoke about a little fly that search food,
i created a fly because it was easier que create a complex human,
and in animation animator cannot stay long time on a character or on the background, sometime in shchools professors tell that old artists worked few years on the same picture
but animation it's create hundred pictures.
The last plan i painted textures on the each bottle, there are no photographies.

Ce qui est important ? or What 's important in life ?

My seconde short film and the biggest in my life near 12 000 frames, I remember the first comment when I posted this short film on a forum for pros, a pro wrote in french "it's indigeste and enfantin" too much and too big, and it's for children !, in fact I didn't understand all the tools to create a good animation, I did a big error i lets one or two seconds at the end of each plan and that created a strange sensation of slowness, I tried to create fantastic backgrounds but... it'was boring to the end.

Poisson Atomique or Atomic Fish

Speeder and faster than the second the third was a success with my friends but I stopped 3d just after because my eyes, I never push this short film on youtube i give him here a little space, good viewing.